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Is Online Gaming Good for Me?

Online gaming is a multi-billion dollar per year industry. And it’s no wonder. With millions of gaming options to choose from, and the highly addictive properties they have built into them, it’s easy to lose hours of our lives caught up in online games.

But is it a healthy activity to engage in every day?

In this article, we’ll explore the positives and negatives of online gaming. Then you can decide what’s best for you.

Playing Games Online is a Great Escape

The average life is filled with a lot of monotany and mundane details we have to deal with every day. Whether you’re a teen dealing with the pressures of school, or an adult working a job you hate, life can be a grind.

When you find a great game online, it can definitely be an escape from the daily activities that drag you down. But are you spending so much time playing that it’s keeping you from real-life responsibilities?

If so, it might be time to cut back your gaming activities for awhile.

Don’t Make Gaming Your Entire Life

It’s normal for many gamers to go on all-night, Red Bull-fueld gaming sessions that last until the sun comes up. That’s OK once in awhile.

But if you find yourself in that situation regularly, and gaming isn’t your paid career, it’s probably time to re-think your gaming habits.

Playing games online should be a small part of what brings your happiness in life. Don’t allow a game to suck you in to the point where you become obsessed.

Take a Week Off From Gaming

Pick a week and choose not to play any online games. See how it makes you feel. Did you do things in your extra time that brought you more satisfaction?

If so, it’s a good sign that your gaming habits might be somewhat unhealthy.

How much time did you spend thinking about gaming and wishing you were doing it? If the time is excessive, you could be looking at an unhealthy addiction that needs to be addressed.

Setting Limits

You’re probably not ready to stop playing games online altogether. And that’s fine. As an alternative, set a realistic time limit on how many hours per day you choose to game.

Also make the decision that you won’t game until your daily responsibilities are complete. You’ll enjoy your gaming experience much more when you know that you’ve already handled everything that needs to be taken care of that day.

Enjoy your gaming!