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Run Jesus Run
Run Jesus Run
Run Jesus Run
Run Jesus Run
Run Jesus Run
Run Jesus Run
Run Jesus Run
Run Jesus Run
Run Jesus Run
Run Jesus Run
Run Jesus Run
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Not FunnyWay are so many atheists absented with Christianity?TomL67 months ago#529reply
wtfAbsented means "to be away from". So literally you're asking why so many non-god-believers are distanced from a system of god-belief? WTF?Anonymous67 months ago#538reply
"Way are so many atheists absented with Christianity?"
watAnonymous67 months ago#539reply
This is awesomeBasically you rule, and I'm proud of you.Eric from Boston67 months ago#542reply
Why do so many illiterates post on these sites? I think wat might have wanted to say "Obsessed with Christianity"
But who knows? Maybe he meant "Absented from Christianity."
JWAnonymous67 months ago#543reply
hahaAtheists should be-little all higher being religions that same! don't show favouritism!Broomy67 months ago#549reply
I think why a lot of atheists vehemently despise Christianity, so much as to damage people they think are ignorant/ step on their personal values, is because their hatred for it comes from personal experience with dishonesty and manipulation, and offensive arrogance. Throwing judgmental shit at Christians, displacing on people for the systems by which control and dictate our moral society, only to end up being just as self centered and assuming as any religious ass that ever put him down for being ignorant themselves.
like anyone else i guess. for me for sure. I tell people about laws for slaves and commanded genocide, infanticide, glaring contradictions in text, out of text, whatever. I'm 'getting back' at what i see as dishonest and manipulative. But i hurt good people's feelings and make myself the center of a lot of negative attention for being hurtful to others personal feelings and stuff. i don't know whatever i don't know where i was going...Tyler67 months ago#551reply
fyiFor anyone who's referring to the author, I'm actually not an atheist.
Read through the comics. You'll find atheists are made fun of just as much as believers.
(I think you're *all* crazy.)swb67 months ago#561reply
lolEven though the girl is no worse off than before Comic-Jesus came, now everyone is mad at Comic-Jesus? The religious tend to object pretty strongly to having their (erroneous) beliefs disproved. ^^10966 months ago#612reply
JESUS IS A BIRDED LADY!Anonymous64 months ago#1306reply
In reply to swb, comment #561:
So you're a theist, and that makes you crazy. You're either an atheist or a theist regardless of whether or not you're agnostic.Anonymous64 months ago#1324reply
In reply to Anonymous, comment #1324:
I have no reason to believe God exists, so I'm not a theist. But I have no reason to believe God doesn't exist, so I'm not an atheist.
I just don't know. It could really turn out either way. There's no way to know - no test you can do to figure it out. So that's why I think the crazy ones are the ones who think they know.
Now, in the sense that a Christian is atheist towards gods of *other* religions, I am atheist towards any testable god. Of course, any time you can actually scientifically test whether or not a god exists, it's always going to come out false.
But this still doesn't disprove God's existence. That's impossible. There could always be a passive God behind the scenes, one that doesn't interfere or one that is really good at interfering without leaving any evidence.
There's no way to know. And because there's no way, I don't.swb64 months ago#1325reply
Non necessarily JesusWhile the image is frequently associated with Jesus, it's also frequently associated with "Bearded Person in the Sky"... There's no way to say that this is *definitely* Jesus, and on my first reading my assumption was actually the Judaic "Present in the World" form of God, pre-Jesus...
::shrugs:: No one else has said that it ain't him, including the creator who has commented, so I'm probably in the minority...Felonius64 months ago#1454reply
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