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Guest strip by Abstruse Goose
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Wow, that was so funny, I almost rolled on the floor laughing.
P.S: Not reallyjithmeister69 months ago#66reply
f*ing awesomeJithmeister has no idea what they are talking about. This comic kicked ass.EricHerboso.com69 months ago#73reply
can't...you can't know both... you just can't.fractal69 months ago#109reply
ofc you canOf course you can know both, but not the exact values.
If you multiply standard deviations of position and momentum it just has to be more than h/4*pi, h=PLanck's const.james69 months ago#114reply
Hence the ropeYou can know one value and get close to the other, but you can't know the other precisely. Thus, to put it in the pictorial terms of the cartoon, you can get one bar in one hole, but if you do, then you can only get the other bar close to the other hole. I could keep going so the picture is actually worth 1000 words, but you ought to get the idea by this point.JohnnyN69 months ago#124reply
Patent TrollHa Ha, you dumbass, you just gave away a "method to produce Unicorns", this would have been a killer patent.Patent Troll68 months ago#190reply
Maybe it does produce unicorns - on a microscopic levelAnonymous68 months ago#196reply
photoshoopedshadows = pixelated. me = knows, has seen a few in his dayPhil E. Drifter68 months ago#197reply
l2educationFor anyone who doesn't get it - look up the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Anonymous68 months ago#200reply
i learned about this in chemistry yesterdayAnonymous68 months ago#215reply
hey i died laughing.Mick68 months ago#219reply
urdoingitwrongYou can't know one and know the other closely. If you know one exactly, you have no certainty about the other, but you can be *close* to both, within a specific margin.Anonymous68 months ago#229reply
fucking hilarious dudeAnonymous68 months ago#238reply
love itI love this. As well ,as being funny, has anyone thought of possible uses of this, or the first few boxes anyway, to teach the concept to lower levels(without sounding patronising)?Anonymous68 months ago#253reply
I want those scissors!Stephen68 months ago#258reply
patent troll is winAnonymous68 months ago#317reply
Physics, and Unicorns...My two favorite things...You really know how to win over a man's heart. Kudos.Default67 months ago#557reply
Whats the unicorn to do with heisenberg's uncertainty principle??Anonymous66 months ago#719reply
funny..? i love nerds :Pzhoomplanck65 months ago#1063reply
In reply to Anonymous, comment #719:
what doesn't it have to do with unicorns?Anonymous65 months ago#1135reply
UnicornShouldn't the unicorn be pink and invisible?Jdhuey64 months ago#1559reply
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