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This happens to me all the time!!Anonymous67 months ago#586reply
Yeah me too... but beware of the sinkholes!Anonymous67 months ago#588reply
This comic is bad and you should feel bad.Anonymous66 months ago#833reply
SorryIt made me laugh, and that makes me feel goodswb66 months ago#835reply
The alternate horror ending is all the ladies are run over under his tires. true story.Anonymous66 months ago#896reply
Needs more funny.Anonymous66 months ago#1046reply
The was XKCDouchery. I hope you give up on this soonAnonymous66 months ago#1047reply
haha, i hate when people do thatAnonymous66 months ago#1048reply
In reply to Anonymous, comment #1047:
you sir are an asshole.Anonymous66 months ago#1049reply
In reply to Anonymous, comment #1048:
the real life version of this is he does that but accidentally goes too early forcing him to brake just as the light actually turns greenAnonymous66 months ago#1051reply
Thats awesome, man this is exactly whats going through my head every time XDhaha66 months ago#1052reply
In reply to Anonymous, comment #1047:
Why is everything that is either a remotely witty representation of everyday life or is drawn using stick figures an xkcd ripoff all of a sudden? I love xkcd, but I've been using stick figures since far before it was even an idea, and there were witty webomics before xkcd (not to imply that xkcd doesn't have wit, of course). But you wouldn't remember pre-xkcd, would you? By the looks of things, you're a stupid little teenage boy who gets his kicks flaming people on this awesome new thing he just discovered called the internet. Yeah, it's pretty cool, isn't it? It's got teh facebook and EVERYTHING! Wow!Anonymous65 months ago#1087reply
In reply to Anonymous, comment #1087:
I also wonder that.It's so strange that xkcd is the first stick comic so many people have read. I used to draw stick figure comics in grade school.swb65 months ago#1090reply
...and then there's the times when it messes with you by throwing in green arrows.Anonymous65 months ago#1156reply
In reply to Anonymous, comment #833:
Futurama! Great referenceBrent65 months ago#1461reply
I'd say xkcd was the first to spread mainstream interweb ... as a result idiots think it's the only good stick/tech comic on the web :|Duck64 months ago#1533reply
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